Or, Why Medium Changed Their Front-End

This week I closed down one of my small SaaS businesses. I knew this day would come from the time I started working on the project but decided to continue the project anyway, as a learning exercise, and because initially, I wanted the extension for my own use.

This was…

How I Use Runtime Configuration Files as a Substitute for Notes

How many developers have a notepad chock full of technical notes that they know they’ll need later? And how quickly does it fill up? And how often do you review it and clean out the old information?

Mine used to be full of things like IP addresses, command snippets, command…

“4 Strategies for Investing in Bitcoin”

  1. Don’t

With the recent rise in Bitcoin prices, everyone has taken notice. Even this guy:

Because of this, I’m getting a lot of questions about Bitcoin, but almost none about cryptocurrency. People are having a hard enough time wrapping their heads around the technology of Bitcoin that they’re not even…

Jackson Kelley

Software Engineer @amazon @alexa99 | ex-consultant @block_one_

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